Does GOD really exist?

“God hasn’t created you, it is you, and only you, who has created the existence of God.”

From my childhood, my parents taught me that there is someone omnipotent who worshipped as creator and ruler of the universe. She— I’m considering the gender as female— has made all of us. She has the ultimate power to do anything. People call her GOD.

So, I started believing, without thinking logically, that there is someone who has to be worshipped for giving us our existence. I started going to the mosque to complete our five daily prayers (Namaz)— this is how our community people worship God. I started talking to her silently whenever I got a problem to ask her for help: sometimes I got the help, sometimes I didn’t. I also used to be very grateful to her whenever I have had some achievement, considering she also has some contribution to it.

But as I grew up and started thinking rationally, all of this seemed very frustrating as I used to talk to someone and believed in someone whom I haven’t even seen! So I started asking myself, “Does GOD really exist?” There was a lot of question, besides this, inside my head: who is she? Where is she? How come she solve all of our problems? And if she does so, then how come still there are lots of person in trouble? People think of her as their father/mother, and if that’s true, then how can a father or a mother see their child in trouble? Being omnipotent, can’t she solve all of their problem who doesn’t deserve to be in that hapless situation? All of this question—in my head— remain unanswered.

I started getting more frustrated as those question, in my head, continued to grow and the answer, as usual, remained unanswered! Then I started talking to people about it and asked them about their opinion. People are so scared of that invisible thing that they even don’t bother to think of it! I came to realize that I’m not going to get my answer by talking to people about it. So, today, me and you, whoever is reading this now, let’s unravel this sphinx-like together!

Let’s think of a situation where you are in a big trouble! What would you do then? You might ask someone for help, or you can, yourself, do something to get rid off that situation. Basically, you’ll try to find some solution to it. At the same time, you will think of that invisible thing— so-called God— and will ask her for help. You know that she is not going to come to you and help you directly to get rid off that situation, but still you’ll ask her for help because you believe that she has the ultimate power to do anything and she can do anything by not being there, and as because you’ve worshiped her for your whole life, she will definitely help you! After that, you’ll end up having the solution and will thank her, the God, for helping you, although she doesn’t have any contribution to it!

Now, let’s think of it in a more profound sense, isn’t it, your “belief” that made that invisible thing, the God, exist? What could’ve been the situation if you had thought that nothing omnipotent is there and whatever you are going to do, you have to do it on your own? Haven’t you end up solving the problem? You would, for sure, but in that case, you would do it more independently and without asking for any immaterial help.

It’s all about your thought. If you think that something terrible is going to happen to you, no matter how good the condition is, you’ll definitely end up in a bad situation, and if you think that nothing wrong is going to happen to you then whatever worst the case is, you will take it as a positive way and always will end up in a perfect situation. Just like this, if you believe that someone or something omnipotent exists which is going to help you in a difficult situation, then you make yourself compel to believe in that immaterial thing. It’s all your internal thinking that makes that invisible thing alive.

God is that internal “belief,” that simplest form of mental representation and therefore, one of the building blocks of conscious thought. It is that virtual creation which you’ve created by your own thinking. Basically, God is in you! God hasn’t created you, it is you, and only you, who has created the existence of God. You’re the creator of that omnipotent. You have the utmost power, maybe not physically but internally, to do anything that you want. All you need to do is, instead of believing in that immaterial thing, you need to believe in yourself!

10 thoughts on “Does GOD really exist?

    1. wow brother! Amazing. You’ve done a nice job. You really have an amazing thought. I know you’ll be a great writer one day! Keep it up!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you bhai! I didn’t expect such a comment from you. If you’d liked it, that means I really have written very well. Thank you again!


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